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04 - 05 August, 2016

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Benchmark Reports


  • The 2016 ProcureCon IT Benchmarking ReportThe 2016 ProcureCon IT Benchmarking Report

    It’s an exciting time for IT and IT Procurement, as the increasing prevalence of the cloud promises new opportunities for a more agile approach to delivering software and infrastructure. With many in the IT procurement field predicting up to 20% growth in their cloud spending within the next couple of years, the technology’s adoption is as rapid as it is promising. This creates its own set of challenges for procurement.Ultimately, the increasing complexity of negotiations and contract terms means that the relationship between procurement and IT must be stronger than ever, and a collaborative approach to controlling technology spending will become more essential.

    Key topics include:

    • Increasing centralization of procurement processes and adopting a center-led framework where necessary
    • Adopting solutions that can provide visibility into both SaaS and on-premises software
    • Leveraging software license entitlements to reduce license consumption
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  • The 2016 Retail Holiday Readiness ReportThe 2016 Retail Holiday Readiness Report
    The sizes of the opportunities available to brands during the holidays are mirrored by the amount of competition around them. As more and more retailers compete digitally, the brands that will successfully cut through the noise in their customers’ inboxes and social feeds will need to take the time to invest in an approach that is as personal as it is dynamic. This holiday season, digital marketers are looking to roll out email campaigns that are targeted, personal, and most importantly, meaningful.

    Key topics include:
    • When to begin holiday campaigns
    • Popular strategies to improve conversions
    • Benefits of triggered emails
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  • Addressing The Next Generation of CX Disruptors & Success FactorsAddressing The Next Generation of CX Disruptors & Success Factors
    While customer experience has become one of the most important differentiators for brands competing digitally, CX leaders can still face challenges getting the right resources and using the right metrics to make their case to key gatekeepers within their own organizations. This report, produced with InMoment, takes a close look at the disruptive factors in the market, as well as the strategies successful organizations are using. 

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  • 3 Key Findings on CX Optimization in Financial Services 20163 Key Findings on CX Optimization in Financial Services 2016
    Containing fresh research on the priorities of CX executives in the financial services, this new benchmark report from CXFS and OpinionLab covers the major challenges and opportunities facing the CX community, as well as the order of priority with which they are tackling new projects. 

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