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Market Research

Access to industry thought leaders through WBR’s world-class conferences put us in a unique position to develop an outstanding range of research and content creation opportunities. Whether for thought leadership or lead generation, hundreds of clients have chosen WBR for the creation of hundreds of reports spanning a variety of topics. Talk to us about how we can partner on your next custom project.

Report Options Include:

  • Custom Whitepapers & eBooks
  • Industry Benchmark Reports
  • Infographics, Case Studies and Blog Articles
  • Preshow Market Research
“Our whitepaper has really allowed us to create thought leadership content that we can bring into conversations with industry leaders and prospects. “ Jennifer Rapkine, Field Marketing Manager, Public Sector, Cornerstone OnDemand


Bringing together and connecting leaders to address and solve problems creates a ripple effect of progress, collaboration, and enrichment across each industry we touch. Your opportunities to connect include:

  • Webinars: With over 400 successful webinars in the past 5 years, our client partners rave about the quality of the webinar participants, and flawless execution they get when partnering with WBR Insights.
  • In-Person Events: WBR produces hundreds industry leading annual conferences all aimed at educating, supporting, and connecting the leadership of the world's core industries.
“WBR Insights is by far the most organized and professional group that I have ever worked with.” Deborah Katz, VP of Marketing, Personetics

Content and Advertising Solutions

Leverage the reach and website visitors on WBR’s annual or semi-annual industry leading conferences. Partner with WBR Insights to activate a Pre & Post event marketing campaign to gain a competitive advantage over other sponsors while ensuring a better chance for ROI!

Email Marketing Campaigns:
Share your thought leadership content

Digital Advertising:
Whether through the event website or conference agenda, gain exclusive advertising access to event attendees and website visitors.

Event Content On-Demand:
Record your event sessions or be promoted alongside our industry expert post event videos during our Video On-demand sessions.

Not sponsoring a WBR conference, that’s okay too!
We have your target audience and can customize a marketing campaign to fill & advance your pipeline!

“It was a great opportunity to gain some exposure, brand recognition, and leads. We expect the sales team will close the first opportunities very shortly. We are fully committed to next year.” Erik Mikisch, VPMarketing at Performance Horizon