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July 13-July 13, 2017

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Keeping the Pace with Service Technology: How Mobile and the Rise of Big Data are Changing Everything

In Q1 2017, the Field Service USA conference convened, bringing together leaders in the service industry. Their responsesto the on-site benchmark survey delivered there are analyzed in the following report, accompanied by select insights from industry thought leaders.

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New Technology Applications in Human Resources

In the 2016 HR Retail Webinar hosted by Kronos Incorporated, human resources leadership from Home Depot, West Marine, and Walgreens shared their insights in response to questions about some of the driving concerns in technology implementation alongside human resources initiatives today:

  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Attracting High Technology Talent
  • Digital Engagement with New Hires
  • Adopting Learning and Mobile Tools
  • Innovative Social Media Initiatives
  • New Legal Compliance Challenges

Exploring the Role of Technology in Procurement’s Strategic Transformation

The role of procurement is changing, though the core commitment to creating value that drives its evolution remains the same. In a large part, these changes are being enabled by developments in the technology procurement has at its disposal, allowing CPOs to introduce automation, self-service buying, and detailed analytics that provide more easy-to-use tools that capture larger amounts of data. Thanks to this strategic visibility, CPOs now have more time to participate in building the roadmaps of the businesses they serve.

Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content

Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content

As they consider their options during a transition from traditional marketing, a majority of luxury brands plan to utilize user-generated content (UGC) over the course of 2017. Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content answers key questions about the transitioning luxury industry, including:
To what degree are luxury brands investing in UGC?
How are brands’ existing UGC campaigns performing?
How are luxury brands measuring their effectiveness?
Where do they anticipate the greatest amount of growth?
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Driving Cross-Channel Experiences with Intelligent Consumer Data

Driving Cross-Channel Experiences with Intelligent Consumer Data

By building relationships through contextual commerce, brands can enhance their customer relationship efforts and uncover what consumers want as they drive sales. This eTail report provides insights into how enterprise retailers are managing evolving consumer expectations, including:
  • What channels retailers prioritize when utilizing intelligent data
  • Which marketplaces are enabling retailers to learn about consumers
  • How retailers identify shopping patterns before marketing to customers
  • How retailers drive performance with intelligent content strategies

Management Commitments for 2018: A WBR Insights Leadership Survey

There are a few things top executives across industries have in common: invigorating company culture and developing talent continue to be pressing needs for management.

We realize that this is a busy time of year no matter which industry you fall under; as you begin the new year, you can reflect on these insights and utilize them in your 2018 planning!