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July 13-July 13, 2017

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Driving Cross-Channel Experiences with Intelligent Consumer Data

Driving Cross-Channel Experiences with Intelligent Consumer Data

By building relationships through contextual commerce, brands can enhance their customer relationship efforts and uncover what consumers want as they drive sales. This eTail report provides insights into how enterprise retailers are managing evolving consumer expectations, including:
  • What channels retailers prioritize when utilizing intelligent data
  • Which marketplaces are enabling retailers to learn about consumers
  • How retailers identify shopping patterns before marketing to customers
  • How retailers drive performance with intelligent content strategies
Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content

Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content

As they consider their options during a transition from traditional marketing, a majority of luxury brands plan to utilize user-generated content (UGC) over the course of 2017. Exploring the Adoption of User-Generated Content answers key questions about the transitioning luxury industry, including:
To what degree are luxury brands investing in UGC?
How are brands’ existing UGC campaigns performing?
How are luxury brands measuring their effectiveness?
Where do they anticipate the greatest amount of growth?
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The Evolving Role of Procurement within Growing Organizations How procurement leadership is embracing technology and employee engagement

Procurement has a reputation as a practice of simply “buying things,” but the role is increasingly becoming that of a consultancy. The culture within procurement has transitioned away from one of rules and mandates with a strictly “top down” approach. For years, words like “policy,” “procedure,” and “purchasing” have dominated the lexicon, so that employees who see procurement’s terms only as obstacles quickly lose interest in working with the department. Now, procurement leaders consider it their responsibility to market their roles as consultants to other members of the organization.


Assessing Global Trade Management Strategy and Diagnosing Shared Challenges: A LogiPharma Roundtable Learning Report

This report, based on the topics and case studies put forward by participants in a live roundtable discussion at the LogiPharma conference in Q3 of 2016, parses the main sources of challenge in global trade compliance, and reflects the progress and strategic approaches that members of the event community have put together to deal with them.


Actionable KPIs that Drive Your Commercial Success

Today, challenges with reporting centralize around the directive to do more with less. Many are being asked to manage greater responsibilities even though there are limited budgets at their disposal.The ways in which we measure the marketplace are vast and continue to expand over time. If you wish to succeed, you cannot allow those measurements to slip through the grasp of your reporting solution, creating holes in your insights. To better understand where businesses fall in terms of their analytics, three categories of analytics capabilities have been identified.


The Reality of Artificial Intelligence: How AI and unstructured data are illuminating the Connected Intelligence Age

AI technology is advancing rapidly, moving from simple, automated allocation toolsto virtual assistants customizing investment advice for individuals—all within the next 12 months, according to Josh Sutton, Global Head, Data & Artificial Intelligence at Publicis.Sapient.