WBR Digital

August 04-August 05, 2016

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Meet The Team

David Matthews

Division Director

Lead singer of our band, Dave started the WBR Digital team in 2012. A long suffering Mets & Jets fan and proud father of two.

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Andrew Greissman

Digital Content Manager

A Native New Yorker, Andrew loves to read, write, and eat pizza with a proper fold.

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Patrick O’Connor

Digital Sales Manager

A self taught percussionist, Patrick spends every chance he gets on a boat, in the sun and with a playlist of Classic Rock or Country Music playing in the background.

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Michael Braunstein

Digital Sales Manager

Full of useless knowledge on all things sports and 80s music, a fan of casinos and the fastest half marathoner on the digital team.

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Joseph Priolo

Digital Sales Manager

Brooklyn born and bred, Joe has worked abroad and traveled extensively. He lives on Long Island with his family and has never met a martini he didn’t like!

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Christopher Rand

Digital Content Manager

A Virginia native, Chris enjoys traveling, new ideas and is a scholar of all fields.

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Nicholas Snow

Digital Marketing Associate

Originally from Foxborough, MA home to the New England Patriots. He enjoys beach-chillin’, dabbling in the occasional video game, and sports.

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Amol Tembe

Marketing Director-WBR US

Love reading the classics, usually in smaller paperback versions for the portability factor. Why don't I just get a digital reader, you ask? Well, I like the act of turning the page!

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