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July 13-July 13, 2017

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Uniquely positioned to deliver content where it counts

Our reach among director and C-level officers is exceptionally well developed, and we are able to tailor campaigns to reach exclusively C-level decision makers. This unique scope in targeting serves as a strong complement to both niche and broader market solutions.

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Since 1999, WBR has been connected to the most influential trends in digital retail, and the decision makers - right up to the C-suite – who are making them happen. A long history in the space and close relationships with top–level innovators creates the means for the highest quality content and exposure for brands.

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Procurement’s growth from a tactical business unit into a strategic shaper of global policies has transformed the significance of the market. Synonymous with innovation in the procurement space, our strong ties to leaders changing the department can be brought to bear for compelling campaigns.

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Service is a growing industry being pushed forward by technology and the recognition that service as a revenue stream is adding to the bottom line. As service has grown in profile, so have our connections to the service executives deploying the cutting edge in technology and training changing the role of the technician in the field.

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Global enterprises require coordinated supply chains, and as the management of these networks continues to grow in complexity, so does the requirement for cutting edge solutions that can create visibility and accuracy in logistics operations. Our ability to target specific verticals within supply chain management allows for a segmented approach to the creation of our content campaigns.

The fast paced clip of regulation and the beckoning opportunities presented by an integrated data paradigm are placing new imperatives on high-ranking financial data management officers. The market is looking for innovation, and the content to support it, creating an ideal scenario for brands seeking to ally themselves with the vanguard in data management.

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